The First Sum of Money Claire Hsu Raised When Started Asia Art Archive

Claire Hsu, in order to raise the funds needed to set up Asia Art Archive, thought of a clever idea to print one thousand thick books of artistic exhibits books. And she sent these reprinted books to those who might donate funds. She also attached a letter of the introduction of Asia Art Archive, and hoped to get sponsorship. If the people did not mean to sponsor, they were required to send the book back to Asia Art Archive. Because of this matter, Claire Hsu successfully raised HK $1 million, as the first sum of money for the establishment of Asia Art Archive. Then she hired some staff.

For Claire Hsu, These events were just the beginning of the foundation of Asia Art Archive. During the time of more than a decade after that time, Claire Hsu has struggled to gain public sponsorship for Asia Art Archive, and for the money used to improve Asia Art Archive storage. She stressed that Asia Art Archive manages for the record and improvement of the art history and it is not a business organization. She also meant that reading literature and artistic information are free and open to the public use. She planned to launch more channels, and spread the art to the public, including children and old people so that they can feel the art which can bring them spiritual comfort.

Claire Hsu hoped that Hong Kong can attach great importance to the development of art and make community culture richer and develop more art spaces.